I might start playing WoW again, and it’s all Fable II’s fault.

Well, actually it’s Curt’s fault. We only have one XBox 360, only one Fable II game. Therefore, only one of us can be playing Fable II at any one time. Leaving the other one to find something else to do, while they are not hanging around and whimpering for playtime. At first, I thought my old Neverwinter Nights expansions would do it (I never finished them), but I found the interface clumsy and sterile, not as interactive as WoW, or Fable II. Also, I missed trade skills. I like making stuff. (As Curt puts it, I have the peculiar need to do work in games.)

So, yesterday I re-installed the game and downloaded patches. Today, hopefully, if the patches finish anytime soon, I’ll log on, make a new character (abandoning the Horde for the Alliance, since I figure playing the faction least familiar to me will make the game more enjoyable), and bide my time while my husband kicks chickens and cultivates that lovely pair of horns on his blue face. Or maybe I will bring back Dez. I do enjoy her so…

But, you know, I can always stop whenever I feel like it.