Thoughts trapped in a brain

This book, when I am dead, will be / A little faint perfume of me.
People who knew me well will say, / “She really used to think that way.”
I do not write it to survive / My mortal self, but, being alive
And full of curious thoughts today, / It pleases me, somehow, to say,
“This book when I am dead will be / A little faint perfume of me.”

– Edna St. Vincent Millay

Costa Rica, December 2013

"We went to Arenal, Monteverde and Manual Antonio. You should drop everything and go. Now. ;)" From Costa Rica, December 2013, posted by Giang Hoang...

I live my life a quarter mile at a time.

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A new poll conducted by the Associated Press suggests that approval of Congress is at the stunningly low figure of 5 percent — slightly more Americans than earlier this year said they believed lizard people controlled the government…

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The fate of roundabouts abroad thus repeats in miniature that of another British export, parliamentary democracy — another fine idea that backfires when mixed with

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The things they say!

Coronation Street: the longest running television show in the world. I've been watching it regularly for about five years now. For the uninitiated,...

I love you, Isaac Clarke

Ten minutes in, and I'm loving it.  So far, I'm not perturbed by the human killing.  I mean, are Unitologists really human, anyway...? But, alas I...