The thermometer inside the car read 99 degrees. Ben frowned, and hung his head out the window.

“Are you sure you don’t need help out there?”

His brother’s voice came floating back to him from underneath the hood of the broken-down car. “Water’d be good.”

Ben grabbed the juice pack from his lunch pail and scurried to his brother’s side. He held it up, and shook it in front of his brother.

“Thanks, Bennie.”


Ben leaned on the car, staring into the dirty engine next to his brother. “Do you think they have science fiction in Star Trek?”

Luke gave him a sideways glance, grinning faintly. “Wouldn’t all of it be science fiction?”

“I mean,” Ben explained patiently, “if Captain Picard reads science fiction?”

Luke straightened, wiping sweat off his forehead. “Picard’s the one with the beard?”

Ben frowned, “That’s Riker. Captain Picard is bald.”

Luke shook his head. “No, that guy doesn’t look like he reads science fiction.”

“But if he did, what do you think would be in it? ‘Cause they have aliens already. And space ships.”

Luke considered this information. Then, turning to his brother, he said, “Women.”

Ben looked skeptical. “But they have women in Star Trek already! Why would they need to read about women if they’ve already got ‘em?”

“Because, Bennie, once man has conquered space and aliens, it’s the only unknown left to them.”

Ben stared up at his brother, and shook his head slowly. “I don’t get it. I’m going back to the car.”

“Okay, kiddo. Save me some of that juice.”