Ah well. I tried! ;)

“Well,” Dinah sighed, sliding into the booth, “So much for the phone. Storm’s knocked it out, as well.”

Across the room, Clara stamped her feet and cursed. Dinah’s lips curled irritably, and poured herself another glass of wine.

“No wonder there’s no one else up here. Leave it to Dinah to plan a snow weekend during a blizzard,” Clara groused, shooting an accusing look at her sister.

Clara’s husband, John, wrapped his arms around his wife, patted her head, and spoke calmly. “Take it easy, sweetheart. The radio said it would be just a small snowstorm – few days at the most. We’ve got plenty of food, plenty of firewood.”

Clara shut her eyes, seemingly soothed by her husband’s ministrations.

Dinah brought the wine glass to her lips and slowly tipped it backwards, her eyes moving from her sister’s head to John’s rugged, angular face. Their eyes locked.
Dinah’s mouth opened, and she ran her wine-ripened tongue slowly over her lips.

Over Clara’s head, John’s eyes were burning into her, following her every movement. She could see his grip on Clara tighten unconsciously. Clara snuggled into him, mistaking his rapture for affection.

Smiling to herself, Dinah raised a finger to her mouth, a signal to be silent, patient. After all, the blizzard was going to last at least a week and there was plenty of time for silly, stupid Clara to have her unfortunate accident…