I’m very tired. I’m going to bed. This is poor, but demonstrative. Whee!

Cara stood in front of the car’s open window, and considered her options. If someone saw her do it, she might be arrested. She imagined herself behind bars, having to explain to her husband (or worse, her mother) why it was she’d been arrested. Did you have to post bail for jail? She didn’t know.

Of course, if she didn’t do it, they’d never learn their lesson.

Anger bubbled up inside her, remembering the obnoxious group in front of her. Crowding the trail, letting their dog bark and lunge at passers-by, obnoxiously hooting, leaving their mess scattered haphazardly around them.

She’d been behind them, witnessed it all. She’d also witnessed them all leaving their huge SUV earlier in the day, saw how they’d carelessly left their windows down, just enough.

It was meant to be, she told herself.

And so telling, she wound up her fist, and threw the entire bag with all her might. It sailed through the air, catching in the opened crevice. The trash spilled out into the car, soda splashing and fizzing, dirt mushrooming, wrappers fluttering.

Satisfied, Cara smiled , got into her own car, and drove away.