This one is slightly late, but I think we have until morning to turn them in. If not, I’ve got my dollar ready! Also, friend Casey has started doing the short writing challenge thing, too!

This one is missing the funny part at the end, but since my tummy hurts and it’s already late-ish, we will simply forego the funny, and keep it morbid.

Julie wondered if it was truly possible that all the moments of her life added up to her current situation. Or, rather, it was not addition, but a series of branched functions. If this, then this. Else if this, then this. Like, if she had gotten to the garage on time this morning, her car would not have been stolen. If her car had not been stolen, she would not have ended up on the bus. If she had not ended up on the bus, she wouldn’t have been sitting there when the bus swerved to avoid hitting a cat. If the cat had not been running across the road, the bus wouldn’t have swerved. If the bus hadn’t swerved, the man next to her would not have suddenly drooped across her lap, revealing the tiny, tiny bullet hole under his ear.