Not as scary as Fatal Frame II, but um, still darn startling. I would totally die in a zombie attack. I mean, seriously. There’s no way. In real life, I could not be bandaged by someone and get back to full functionality. In real life, I can’t set the game to Normal, or Easy. In real life, I’ve never fired a gun, and even if I could, I would probably be a worse shot than I am in the game.

Also, in real life, if there were zombies running around and leaping from buildings and swarming me, I would probably be terrified and therefore useless. I’d like to fantasize that I’d be all gung-ho and suddenly come alive, but no. No. I would just die.

Let me just say now, while the impending zombie menace has not yet reached our shores: it would suck to die in a zombie attack. I would opt out, thanks.