I read this book, and had thoughts about it, most of which are too long-winded for a blog nobody visits. But here are some quotes to remember this book by.

Regarding parrots and humans, comparison between the two

He was a deplumed, maniacal parrot who did not speak when asked to but only when it was least expected, but then he did so with a clarity and rationality that were uncommon among human beings.

Regarding daily life with another, if you are uber dramatic

Then she would roll over in bed and turn on the light without the least mercy for herself, content with her first victory of the day. The truth was they both played a game, mythical and perverse, but for all that comforting: it was one of the many dangerous pleasures of domestic love.

Regarding the Aunt Escolasticas everywhere

For despite her austere conduct and penitential habit, Aunt Escolastica had an instinct for life and a vocation for complicity, which were her greatest virtues.

Regarding important deadlines

But that is what she did at a crucial moment in her life, giving no importance whatsoever to the handsomeness of her suitor, or his legendary wealth, or his youthful glory, or any of his numerous virtues; rather, she was stunned by the fear of an opportunity slipping away, and by the imminence of her twenty-first birthday, which was her private time limit for surrendering to fate.