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Finn licked the cream off her finger and sat back in the shopping cart, the comforting taste of preserved sugar still lingering in her mouth. She was parked right in the middle of the city’s main intersection, legs crossed and bare feet resting on the cab of the cart. If anyone came through here, it would be hard to miss her. So far, nobody had.

The sugar had calmed her down a little bit, helped to get the wheels in her head turning. Obviously, she had to go looking for others, if there were any. From her movie-going experience, she knew that if anyone else were out there, they would probably be looking for her as well. That was a plus. The big minus was, of course, if there weren’t any people locally, she would only get so far in her car before running out of gas. There were gas stations, but how did you work one? Would she still have to pay? Would her credit card still go through the machines? Not even her trusty shopping cart would run forever.

“No, Finn,” she told herself aloud. “You’re thinking too big. First, start with the city.”

She throttled the cart back towards her apartment building. She threw into an old school backpack an impromptu array of search-and-rescue materials: first-aid kit, flashlight, rain poncho, trail mix, and a couple bottles of water.

Lacing up her hiking boots, Finn’s gaze turned towards the television. Curiosity got the better of her pessimism. She grabbed her remote control and zapped it on.

Static, of course. Actually, less than static. Nothing came over at all. Sighing, she punched at the remote to turn it off, and scraped her finger across the channel button instead.