Giang’s First Novel, Untitled

by ME!

Chapter 1 : A Proper Beginning
Chapter 2 : The Missing Person
Chapter 3 : The Other Missing Person
Chapter 4 : Women Are Trouble
Chapter 5 : No Rest For The Weary
Chapter 6 : Monsters and Demons
Chapter 7 : Dr. Shackleton, I Presume
Chapter 8 : Police Business
Chapter 9 : Cracked
Chapter 10 : Delphi Bound
Chapter 11 : The Search
Chapter 12 : Comeuppance
Chapter 13 : Denouement

Dec 1: Although I did hit the NaNo guideline words before the 30th, the story itself was not finished until today. Ridiculous, extraneous, and yes: just a little bit glorious, if only because it is the first real story with a beginning, middle, and ending that I’ve ever written, and it even won me $5.00.

Nov 29: I KICK ASS: 50,000, DUDES!

Nov 25: Nearing the end. Must reach 45,000 tonight, somehow. Then, only 5,000 more. And just think, at the end, I’ll have made $5.00 for only 30 days work! I can make these two promises regarding the plot, although everything else is basically at the whim of my very tired fingers: Jill will punch someone out by the end of the story.

Nov 20: I’m tired. But I must do another 2000 words tonight. Can’t be hard, right? Uhghghgh…

Nov 16: Plot is now completely unintelligible, but I am determined to win.

Nov 14: Made a few changes to Chapter 1 in order to sate my inner editor’s continuity fix.

Nov 11, Later: Dude, I’m so close to playing the zombie card. NEED. PLOT.

Nov 11: I’m making shit up left and right, and sometimes my brain just goes on cruise control and does this stream-of-consciousness-fiction crap. I’m behind, but still in the running. Or, just delerious. Tally-ho!

Nov 7: Titles are largely whimsical, and highly subject to change (much like the author). The first chapter title used to be “Sweet Betsy From Pike”. Oh, the directions an unfettered mind will take! ;)

Nov 6: The original Denby is a character I wrote up three years ago. These Denbys are not quite so dashing as the first, but then they do what they like once they are born and I hardly have control (especially when I’m supposed to just write for word count).

Nov 6: Behold: I am behind. 880 / 50,000, whee!

Nov 1: Someone is re-writing my passages, so if this never gets done, it isn’t my fault.