Isaac, Isaac, Isaac. You’re so mentally unstable and willing to hurl yourself towards certain death for your crazy dead girlfriend. Remember all those good times we had screaming at the top of our lungs when rooms filled with necromorphs and the corner just didn’t seem big enough for us to squeeze into to get a good head shot? Remember how we had to fight that stupid worm beast in zero G 40 times because we couldn’t aim well because we were screaming? And that one time we had to shoot the space tentacles over and over because we’re really, really, really bad at turret gunning anything?

YOU don’t get to rely on that crap super-human genetic engineering to help you save the world, like some OTHER masked robot men. You’re just a hot engineer with a batshit crazy plan and a plasma cutter.

My hands tremble, my heart quickens, my eyes dilate; it’s love.