I wrote 14,300 words in the last day and a half, making up for the first five days during which I wrote nothing. I’m roughly 8000 words away from winning. Then, I will get special, awesome powers with which to make the world my secret puppet!

I miss reading. My library book is overdue and sadly neglected because of this little project. That’s the first thing I’m going to do once the book is done: read something for leisure. I’ve snuck in things here and there – I’ve been reading short stories in the precious ten minutes before bed – but nothing like a full on pig-out reading. I look forward to it. Only 8000 words left! 8000!

Thanksgiving was alright. I’m also mostly done with Christmas shopping, which kicks ass. AND, since Curt’s mom accidentally told him he had received a package at the house in front of me, I got one of MY Christmas presents early: a 70 – 300 mm zoom lens for my D40! Now I can take pictures of people all over the place FROM EVEN FARTHER AWAY!

No more updates until it’s all done, though. Back to C++.