It had been cold when she’d woken. Things dark and heavy obscured her vision, and it took a moment for her to orient herself. Something nearby was fetid, rotting.

Vague recollections of consciousness teased her from the edge of her memory, swiftly disappearing back into the shadows like thieves. She saw images of people, flames. Then there was nothing.

Ripping through the veil of her memories, a voice above her spoke impatiently. “You can’t just lie in there rattling forever – need to get up sometime, you know! There’s work needs doing!”

She jolted, causing a shower of dirt to rain down on her. A sliver of light bled through into the darkness, and Dez looked upwards.

No, that was not quite right. The sliver of light was being caused by the body behind the voice, working away above her. In only a moment’s time, she could see, a glowing orb of fire, and nearby it, the head of a loose-jawed corpse.

“There you are. Wasn’t quite sure which pit you were in.”