We had a good time there a few months ago, although it was gross muggy out most of the time. The best part of the trip was the night we rode our bikes around the national mall to see the memorials and monuments by moonlight. Without the oppressive heat and the crowds of loud, mangy tweens on school trips, it was unexpectedly moving — one of my favorite vacation memories ever.

I have all these books in my room. Mostly junk; but I realize I’m not going to finish them all, and all the other books I want to read, before I die. It’s an existential math problem.

Likewise, it’s odd that this blog still exists, and I still have the need to redo it every once in awhile. What is the purpose? My brain may be full and in need of emptying out, like an overflowing garbage compactor, sparks a-flying. Every so often. Sleepy.