I don’t know what this is about, but it’s over 100 words, so I’m clear. Whoo!

“Kerry, there you are!”

The hairs at the back of Kerry’s neck bristled and she shut her eyes, willing herself to control her breathing. Slowly, she turned, switching on her best smile.

“Alison! There you are. How are you?”

Next to her, Shawn stiffened slightly. Kerry knew that if she turned to look at him, she’d see him looking like a deer on a railroad track. Her smile sharpened at his discomfort. I know, you bastard, she thought. I know all about you two.

She reached out to receive Alison’s arms-length air kisses, and then took a step back to allow Alison to see her standing next to Shawn.

Alison gave a brilliant smile. Kerry turned to Shawn, and patted his chest possessively. “This is my fiance, Shawn Petrie. Shawn, this is Alison Howard from our legal department.”

Alison lowered her head slightly, gazing up at him through her eyelashes, and reached out to shake his hand. Shawn jostled Kerry aside slightly in the rush to take her hand. Kerry smiled up at him, purposefully averting her eyes from their touch.

Her heart pounded wildly in her chest, and it took all her will not to turn her head and watch them. Instead, she focused on a wilting ficus tree in the corner of the room.