I finished Dead Space 3 today.  There were some eye-roll moments.  There were (lots of) improbabilities (I understand it is a space alien-killing game, but one creates tiers of reality, doesn’t one?), and the plot has always been rather convoluted.  But my god, it was amazing.  AMAZING.  Because you know what?  There were three things I specifically told Curt I wanted out of Dead Space 3, several months ago after I finished Dead Space 2:

1.  Important: More necromorph killing.

2.  Very Important: No more Nicole.

3.  MOST IMPORTANT: Isaac to kiss Ellie.

I stayed up until 3:00 AM yesterday, killing aliens and Unitologists and running from that freakin’ regenerating one (I hate that guy) just so I could see the end and see if they kiss.  I thought to myself, several times, “Hey, you should sleep, crazy!” but I didn’t (well, I did, eventually), because I wanted to see if they would kiss.  Basically, I played the entire game over three days straight (with breaks for food, work and some sleep) just so I could see if they kissed.

I mean, the violent alien slaughter is nice. But when it comes down to brass tacks, a girl just wants to see the kissing parts!  (To make up for this admitted ridiculousness, I would like to disclose that I played this game on HARD.  Well – I had extra weapons, so it was more of a HARD, light.)

And they kissed.  And I cried.  And then I killed more aliens, and then I cried again.  And then, after about ten minutes, I smiled.  It was glorious.  Dead Space 3 FTW.  ;)