I am in the process of hacking up carving this piece of wood into another piece of wood, in the shape of a tentacle (the hard part was done by an obliging scroll saw).  I think I have got the suckers wrong. I may be inadvertently carving an Inverse Cthulhu: a gentle soul who stands on corners spreading a message of love and creation by handing out religious pamphlets, and ringing bells for alms and such.

Sometimes when I’m working on carving it, I hear the song “Brandy” in my head, because Brandy’s sailin’ man has been eaten by Cthulhu. Dead, but dreaming.

Also, today I went to the podiatrist, who told me that the extra bone in my ankle (one imagines it was once my flipper) is going to just pop off one day, perhaps one day soon. He didn’t seem particularly alarmed by this. As if people’s bones spontaneously disengaging from people’s bodies and trotting off back to the sea were an every day occurrence.

Hrm. I started this entry with the notion that these two anecdotes were unrelated; perhaps I know better now.

♫ You take the high road, and I’ll take the low road, and I’ll get to R’lyeh before you! ♫

Loopy, but lucid –