The Ballade Of The Late Cafe

“…and you’re at home foggling your boyfriend!”

Ah, the magic of edited-for-language closed captioning! I’m watching Hollow Man on USA. It is a silly movie. As far as I can tell, the only good thing (besides the joy of censorship) is Kevin Bacon’s willingness to show his ass to the camera. Go Kevin. I’m right behind you on that one. HAHA.

Excuse me – it’s late.

Now, they’re chasing through the lab searching for Kevin Bacon (who is “hollow”), wearing ridiculous heat-seaking glasses. Kevin is killing them off, because he is clever, and if he kills all of them, nobody will ever know that he took the “hollow” potion, and his secret will be safe forever, mwa-ha-haha. *sigh* We need a better cocky-mad-scientist stereotype. The old one is too dumb. Although – Kevin Bacon’s ass can stay.

Today, I saw a handsome man. No other interesting thoughts though. TV (bad TV) has melted my brain. So – have some poetry, why don’t you? Take a chomp – they’re yummy.