“And what happens if people stop buying the Merch merch?” (/flip hat inside out)



You’re awesome, Doddsy – I pranced around in front of the mirror for a full five minutes admiring my new silly hat. :)

Ahhh, so here I am, eh! To catch up:

October something, 2009: LA County Fair! Pictures here. It was a good time. We ate much oily food and petted many smelly animals.

October something, later, 2009: Las Vegas and Death Valley! Pictures here. In Vegas, we were on budget with gambling, saw cats and dogs perform amazing feats in Popovich’s Pet Comedy Theatre, and ate several buffet meals (including breakfast in the atrium at the Wynn). Death Valley was very windy, but quite lovely. And yes, I did manage to use my portable shower tent. It worked splendidly, except for the part where it was sort of against the rules of the campground and Curt had to keep an eye out for the ranger. ;) I used biodegradable soap, though, so it’s not like I was hurting anything… On the way back to civilization, we stopped by the Mt. Whitney Portal, Manzanar, and Fossil Falls. Great trip!

October 30, 2009: We dressed up as monkeys for the Hoang family Halloween karaoke party. Pictures here and here. Also, we found out my brother Wonk and sister-in-law Powla are expecting a spawnling! :) I’m going to be an auntie!!

There are also some random cute cat-related pictures here and here and here.

Curt accidentally dropped my Blackberry in the cat water bowl about a week ago, but it’s made a full recovery. I couldn’t be too mad, since I did accidentally throw his phone in the dumpster that one time… ;)

I’ve had a sore throat for about a month. Hopefully the doctor can fix it on Tuesday, as it hurts and the gargling has done nothing!

Off on an impromptu trip this weekend – just a tent, an empty cooler, and some clothes, and off to the wild blue yonder! Or, at least, freeways relatively unfamiliar.

We’re going to start looking for a house in the next few months. I’m excited, but also mildly terrified and full of anxiety. Good thing I have this new Merch hat to keep me occupied…

That’s that! Time for bed. /waves