Pictures from the trip last weekend! It was a three day jaunt up the coast and back again:

Day One
Exodus from So Cal blaring “The Internet Is For Porn” – A stop by Santa Barbara (I actually felt a little nostalgic!) – Driving – More Driving – Oh! More Driving – Santa Cruz

Curt, reading a Lone Wolf book (courtesy of my bookshelf) in the car. This lasted about 15 minutes, until my driving nauseated him.

Curt drove the rest of the trip.

I am, admittedly, a bad driver. Bad! Bad driver! /slaps wrist


A shot of the sky, near sunset, through my windshield, while we were driving on the 101, up around…uh…Santa Cruz? There were grapes fields everywhere. (Some people call them vineyards.)

My attempt at taking a picture of the Santa Cruz pier from our room. Those lights = the pier. (Those spots = dirty lens.)

Curt: “I love how you don’t know how to work your own camera.”

Me: “Shutup!”

Day Two
Santa Cruz in the morning – Winchester Mystery House – Monterey Bay Aquarium – Sunset on the 1 – Cambria

The picture of us that Curt likes better, as 1) his shirt has better exposure 2) it accurately portrays his mistrust of the scurrilous camera-at-arm’s-length-picture-of-self movement.

He’s a handsome fellow, eh? And I’m a ninja! NINJA!

The view from our hotel room balcony, after the gray had cleared a little – you can see the boardwalk and the pier!

A sea lion. It looks dead, but is, in fact, not. We listened to them barking under the pier.

The conservatory of the Winchester Mystery House.

Me: “I want a conservatory in my house when I grow up.”

Curt: “Darling, normal people don’t have conservatories in their houses.”


Me: “I want a conservatory in my house when I grow up.”

The Oriental bedroom of the Winchester Mystery House. That’s a pretty kick-ass fireplace. NINJA!

Same house: The ball room, I believe. Look at the wood in here – good stuff. NINJ…no, wait. Sorry.

(The house was pretty cool if you are into funky architecture and the life and times of weird, short women. That is to say: I enjoyed it!)

We stop off at the Giant Artichoke Restaurant in Watsonville for lunch, having been seduced by the promise of sweet, sweet artichoke love from having driven through town the night before. It is to artichokes what Gilroy is to garlic (they have a festival for it, make various exotic foods out of it, sacrifice children to it). Had artichoke. On the way out, Curt made friends with the Giant Artichoke. Here is that moment, captured for all time.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium really is spectacular. Look, penguins! So cute. They’re like little inflatable flotation devices, with wings and beaks. Awww. /poke, poke

Jellyfish are mesmerizing up close…jellyfish are…mesmerizing up close…jellyfish…are…mes…

My favorite tank there: the tuna tank. Tuna, turtles, some shark, and a very odd faced fish at the bottom. They’re huge! That man there? He’s standing RIGHT next to the tank. HUGE!

Some coastal shots, driving down the 1 to Cambria at sunset:

Day Three
The Squirrel King meets his subjects – (I am naughty at) Hearst Castle – Searching For Mulholland Drive – Los Angeles – Home

A squirrel by the coast.

Me: “Hey Curt, catch me a squirrel!”

Curt: “No. They’re wild animals.”

Me: “C’mon.”

Curt: “No.”

Me: “Okay, I want to touch one!”

Curt: “Squirrels have rabies!”

Me: “Not all squirrels, c’mon!”

Curt does squirrel calls, and announces that he is The Squirrel King, which by default, makes me the Squirrel Concubine. Oh yeah? That’s Squirrel Concubine NINJA to you, buddy!

Hearst Castle: this is the part where they tell us “No Flash Photography” fifty times, and then the battery dies in my camera, and I change it, and forget to turn off the flash…but look at the nice picture!

I am 86% sure that my camera ate some of the pictures I took here – it was an amazingly opulent piece of work. I liked the idea he had, but overall the outside architecture was much more appealing to me than the inside. The rooms were just way too gaudy for my taste. And – no squirrels. WTF?

Lights in The Valley, from atop a Mulholland.

It was good. :)